The wine

Name: Zero Infinito
Year: 2018
Type: White sparkling
Classification: VdT
Grapes: 100% Solaris
Alcohol: 12% vol.

When to drink

Ideal consumption: 2020-2021
Longevity: 1-2 years
Occasion: Happy Hour

How to serve

Temperature: 8-10°
Uncork: 0-1 hours before
  • Appetizers
  • Fresh cheeses
  • Fish-based dishes

The cellar

Name: Pojer e Sandri
Address: Via Molini, 4, 38010 Faedo TN


15.00 €

Sommelier's opinion

For us, this wine represents a walk in the mountains, where we find in a breathtaking panorama, absolute silence, the pristine green of nature and the fresh mountain scents, with elderflower and Golden apples. It is precisely there that this wine made from 100% Solaris grapes was born, a grape created in Freiburg after 80 years of research between France, Germany and Russia. It is a PIWI grape variety, resistant to fungal diseases and which bears winters with very cold temperatures. This means ZERO treatments in the vineyard, ZERO fungicides and ZERO insecticides, ZERO chemical products, ZERO sulphites, ZERO freeze-dried commercial yeasts, ZERO clarifying agents, ZERO filtrations, ZERO antioxidants ... precisely "Zero Infinito". It is simply the fruit of the vine turned into wine!

It is a juicy, fresh and thirst-quenching wine, which in the mouth has the same floral and fruity hints that arise on the nose. It is a "sur lie" wine, which can be drunk limpid, if decanted, or cloudy for the more daring, by shaking the bottle a little. Ideal as an aperitif as it is drunk with a disarming ease.
Massimo Sommelier
Value for money

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