Unfortunately, the Christmas holidays are already over and it is time to set aside the desserts and to dispose of a few extra grams accumulated in these holidays. 

Having to start eating something a little lighter, we thought of some fish dishes but, to avoid cooking a sad hospital fish, we turned again to our favorite bloggers, who will help us make a succulent recipe dish.

The main ingredients of this second episode of "In cucina con AIFB - Associazione Italiana Food Blogger" are cod and stockfish, and the recipes we have chosen are:

Go to their websites to read all the details of the recipes and then come back here for the food-wine pairing.

Difference between cod and stockfish

First let's see a little bit of clarity. Whether it's codfish or stockfish, the raw material is always the same: the cod. A fish with a very delicate taste and with a full-bodied and tasty pulp makes it versatile and able to adapt to different types of seasonings. What changes is the method of conservation: the cod is preserved in salt, the stockfish is dried (click here for further details).
What not everyone knows is that in the famous recipe of Baccalà alla Vicentina the stockfish is used, for reasons cultural and linguistic that are lost centuries ago (details here).

Which wines to pair

Whether it is cod or stockfish, the dish will certainly have a savory and decisive taste and we will need a wine with fresh aromas and a nice persistence in the mouth, in order to be able to withstand the persistence of the fish and not disappear after the first bite.

The perfect pairing of stockfish and wine can only start from local production. To our rescue, in this case, it arrives no less than the "Confraternity of Bacalà alla Vicentina" to recommend the best wines to match: a suggestion for each type, to satisfy everyone's tastes. In general, we can always combine a white wine like the excellent Breganze Vespaiolo DOC, with a pleasant intense and fruity flavor. If the dish has a slightly more oily note, it would be better to focus on a sparkling wine like a Lessini Durello DOC, more rough and acidic, but more suitable for cleaning the mouth from fatty foods or fried. If the dish had a more important structure, such as a stewed preparation, start by pairing it with a good Colli Berici Tai Rosso DOC, intense and elegant red wine, with predominant hints of fruit and a delicate tannin.

The outsiders

We also recommend a plan B, in case you do not find the wines suggested by the Confraternity of Bacalà. A Soave DOC or Collio Friulano DOC such as white wines, Franciacorta sparkling wines or Trento DOC and red wines such as Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOC or a Piedirosso from the Vesuvio or Campi Flegrei area.