Primitivo is the lead of the second HappyWiners Wine Battles, a game between wine lovers in which different blind bottles are tasted combined with a single theme, in order to choose the best wine among the contenders

The 6 hidden bottles

- 10 participants
- 6 blind bottles
- Simple rating scale from 1 to 5 points:

1pt I don't like it,
2pt So and so
3pt Good
4pt Very good
5pt Excellent

Important clarification

It is a goliardic game and has no technical basis but it is a simple comparison between wine lovers. We wanted to recreate a sample of the real world, in which there are men, women, experienced and less experienced people. The wine that won the Wine Battle is NOT the absolute best "Lambrusco", but simply what the 10 participants liked best.

The 6 bottles "in the race" do not represent the 6 best Primitivo wines on the market and were simply chosen at random from among those suggested by the followers on Instagram. The requirements were: Primitivo grapes, purchasable online, price less than 15€.

Wines in "race"
The wines

At the end of the tasting and after the voting, the bottles are discovered and the participants can learn about the identity of the wines.

  1. 14 - Polvanera - 13€
  2. Punta Aquila - Tenute Rubino - 11€
  3. Torcicoda Tormaresca - 12€
  4. Passo del Cardinale - Paolo Leo - 10€
  5. Sinfarosa Zinfandel - Agricola Felline - 12€
  6. Rifugio Conti Zecca  - 11€

The results

The first HappyWiners Wine Battle was a success. A beautiful evening with wine lovers, where we laughed and joked and drank excellent wines in pleasant company. 

We proceed to the final counting of the votes. Two wines are definitely on the run compared to all the others and they play the victory for a handful of points. The others are all very close and the third conquers the podium only for one point.
This is the final podium:

  1. Passo del Cardinale - Paolo Leo
  2. Torcicoda Tormaresca
  3. Rifugio Conti Zecca
The final podium