Christmas is coming. Have you already made gifts for your wine-loving friends?
Probably not! You will wait for the last few days and you will panic because you never know what to give.

Fortunately, we HappyWiners have selected a list of perfect items to give to a wine lover, almost all of which can be easily purchased on Amazon.

  1. Moleskine Wine Journal - 15€
    It is the classic agenda of the famous Moleskine, personalized with a wine theme. An elegant notebook in which to write down all the tasting notes of our favorite wines.
  2. Alessi design corkscrew - 36€
    There are various types. We really like the parrot-like one.
  3. Vacuum pump for wine - 13€
    We have already talked about it in the article "How to store an open bottle of wine", it is a practical and economic system to eliminate the air present in open wine bottles and lengthen it for a few days. Must have for any wine lover.
  4. Book  “Elogio dell’invecchiamento” by Andrea Scanzi - 12€
    One of the most beautiful books related to the world of wine. Suitable for everyone because it is well written, almost fictional and with few technical details, it is the author's story through his "Journey to discover the ten best Italian wines (and all the tricks of true sommeliers)".
  5. Pen USB drive in the shape of cork - 12€
    Nice and useful gadget.
  6. Smartbox “Cantine d’Italia” - 40€
    Interesting tastings of wines and typical products for 2 in selected Italian wineries.
  7. Wine tool kit with elegant wooden case - 30€
    The wine set includes a corkscrew, a bottle opener, a foil cutter, a pourer, a stopper, a thermometer and an extra screw. Not the top in terms of quality but a good compromise for the quality-price ratio.
  8. Design decanter - 30€
    We will write an article shortly to explain when to use the decanter. For the moment, simply choose the most beautiful one.
  9. Electric corkscrew - 23€
    Recommended for less experienced friends, as a sommelier will certainly use a professional corkscrew.

...but what if we gave the classic bottle of wine?

Giving a wine to a real wine lover is not easy. There is a big risk of buying a bottle that he already knows, that he doesn't like or that doesn't reflect his taste. 
There are some unwritten rules that you must follow:
- Avoid cheap bottles. Look for a wine for at least 20€
- Let yourself be advised by someone who understands it. Go to a wine shop and trust the suggestions of those who are more experienced than you. At this point, if you don't know your friend's tastes, you have two options: opt for a famous wine from a large winery, or for a very small cellar that probably works well and will be a gem that will intrigue the wine lover.

If the budget allows it and you want to make the gift a little less banal, you can buy a wooden puzzle to "cage" the bottle. 25€ on Amazon.

Important gifts

If you have to make a very important gift and have a large budget, we absolutely recommend Coravin. It is an accessory thanks to which it is possible to taste the wine without removing the cork and thus preserving the life of the bottle. It costs around € 300 and you can find all the information on the official website

A perfect gift for an aspiring sommelier is Le Nez du Vin, the most complete collection of wine aromas in the world