In this new journey we are in Val di Cornia, precisely in Suvereto, among the green Tuscan hills, accompanied by Anna Lisa Rossi and her husband Mauro to discover their Azienda Agricola Terradonnà.

This name is a play on words to express the concept of "land given by a woman to a woman" and symbolizes a virtual handover of a company entrusted by its mother to her daughter Annalisa who, in 2000, is certain of the great potential of this territory, decides to create this brand and restructure the family business to produce quality wines.

The company's philosophy is focused on protecting the territory and respecting tradition. Chemicals are not used in the vineyard or in the cellar and, where possible, the old methods and tools of the past are still used. Technology must assist and help, but it must not distort wine-making techniques.

The first thing that immediately catches the eye when visiting the vineyards is the dense density between the rows, planted 120 cm apart from each other. This choice is dictated by the presence of clay in the subsoil, which makes the soil arid on the surface. Consequently, to prevent the roots from suffering drought, it is necessary that they go deep below the clay layer.

Here the soil is also very rich in minerals, which play a leading role in Terradonnà, giving the wines a very particular character when young and surprising in long refinements. With the exception of Sysa (blend of Syrah and Sangiovese) and Duelustri (reserve 10 years), all wines take their name from a mineral. As a tribute to the great passion of Anna Lisa's father, the family also wanted to create a beautiful area dedicated to the collection of minerals of about 400 pieces that characterize the Italian soil, especially Tuscan, and rare pieces from all over the world.