The visit to this winery represents for us the entrance into a new world, still unexplored, which we have read so much about: the "under sea wines"

We are in Ravenna, Gianluca Grilli's guests at Tenuta del Paguro, a very young company born in 2009 by two young entrepreneurs who decide to combine their skills in a common project: Gianluca, for years in the web marketing sector and Raffaele Ravaglia, expert winemaker. The goal is to enhance and promote the area, combining the wine production of the Romagna hills with the sea on the Riviera..

Today Tenuta del Paguro produces 5 wines with a truly unusual method. The bottles are left to refine in the wreck of an old oil platform, sunk over 50 years ago off the coast of Ravenna. Slowly the inhabitants of the abyss took possession of the wreck by transforming it into an underwater oasis, declared in 1995 a Site of Community Importance, and the wines are named after its varied forms of life. Pagurus, Homarus, Squilla Mantis and Nephrops are in fact names of crustaceans that inhabit the artificial reef that has been created over the years.

The wines follow the classic wine route in the Brisighella cellar and, after fermentation in steel and bottling with cork protected by the sealing wax and shellac seal, are left to rest in galvanized metal mesh baskets, anchored on the seabed, where they remain submerged by the 6 to 12 months at a depth of 30 meters.

In this habitat the bottles are naturally stored at a constant temperature between 10 and 13 degrees Celsius in a state of continuous rocking due to the tides. Furthermore, the total absence of UV rays protects the wine from alterations due to light and the large pressure difference between the bottling (at 1 bar) and the aging (at 4 bar) at those depths, allows the wine to evolve different. At the end, unique bottles come out, all different from each other, which deliberately retain the classic formations and incrustations due to the long stay at sea that make them almost collectible pieces, which you do not want to open to avoid ruining them.

The elegance and attention to detail does not stop at the bottles. Everything is studied in detail to create an exclusive and refined product. Inside each package of Tenuta del Paguro there is a real identity document, which certifies the name of the wine, the identification code, the date of immersion and the underwater depth in which it was aged, guaranteeing the authenticity of each bottle. Even the packaging takes up the history of these wines: the knots of the maritime pine wood, symbol of the historic pine forest of Ravenna, combine with the rust shades of steel, which recalls the oil platform.