We are in the countryside of Ravaldino in Monte, in the Forlì hills of the Predappio (FC) area, to meet Stefano Berti who accompanies us through his vineyards to discover his wine reality.

Growing up in the family vineyard-fruit company, which since 1963 had given almost all of the grapes to the cooperative without great entrepreneurial ambitions, Stefano entered the business management at the beginning of the 1980s with an agricultural qualification and started a slow processing, increasing the amount of Sangiovese vinified on its own, which is sold in bulk on the farm. The agricultural crisis led him to uproot several orchards to make room for another vineyard and, by the end of the 90s, the company decidedly aimed at viticulture but not yet towards a production of quality wine.

The incomes begin to fall and the crisis begins to make itself felt on the economy of the company and Stefano requires a consultancy to Michele Satta, the famous winemaker of Castagneto Carducci, who from Varese had moved to Bolgheri, an area famous throughout the world for the Sassicaia, and had become one of the best producers in Tuscany.
It is the moment of change. In 2000 the current Azienda Agricola Stefano Berti was born and was immediately awarded the 3 Bicchieri by the Gambero Rosso with the Calisto, at the second commercial release. After so many years, today Stefano Berti represents a well-known and well-rooted reality in the territory and continues with its goal of expressing the identity of a land with high potential.