Yes, you read that right: pineapple wine. That's right, wine made with pineapple!

This article comes from a comment on our Instagram profile, below the photo of Masi's Campofiorin. It was a simple appreciation from a user unknown to us: @weinwelten. As we usually do when we receive comments from unknown accounts, we enter the profile to see who we are responding to. At that moment, to our great surprise, we discover the existence of pineapple wine which starts a series of questions on our part to satisfy our curiosity.

We discover that WeinWelt Vinothek is a Swiss wine shop as well as unique importer in Central Europe of Maui Wine, a company that makes pineapple wine by hand on the sunny Maui beach in Hawaii. Intrigued by our activity and us by their wine, they send us two bottles in order to know our opinion.

This article is not sponsored and the following is our sincere opinion. We have been clear from the beginning, as we do with other companies that send us bottles, that we only write about what we like and therefore we do not guarantee the writing of an article/post.

Definition of "wine"

Driven by so much skepticism and a lot of curiosity, we immediately checked the definition of wine as it seemed strange to us that they could use the word "wine" next to these products. This is what we found:

"The name of "wine" is reserved for the product of the alcoholic fermentation of fresh or slightly dried grape must in the presence or absence of pomace ". All other products that cannot be so defined, are considered non-genuine wines, including those obtained with dried grapes: those obtained from other fruits must follow the name of the wine that of the fruit from which they derive: apple wine, pear wine, etc.”
Law 15 October 1925, n. 2033 (art. 13)

Ok, so you can call it wine as long as it is followed by the fruit from which it is produced, in this case "pineapple wine". This type of product is very popular in Thailand and in other Southeast Asian countries. Pineapple wine is usually drunk by the glass as a normal white wine, palatable to the palate and light in body.


There were two bottles at our disposal:

Maui Blanc - white still, 100% ananas, 11.5% vol. slightly sweet (14g/l of residual sugar)

Maui Splash - white still, pineapple with a slight addition of passion fruit at the end, 11.5% vol. sweet  (35 g/l of residual sugar)

Partiamo con il Maui Blanc

1st taste - We taste it first at a temperature of 6-8 °, as if it were a sparkling wine, given the vaunted freshness and low alcohol content. The nose is an explosion of pineapple, a scent of exotic fruit really fascinating. Thoughts immediately travel to a tropical island, with sun, sea and a white beach. It really makes you want to drink it. In the mouth the first sensation is to drink pineapple juice, exactly what remains after cutting the fruit. Afterwards unfortunately a bitter aftertaste arrives, as if the alcohol was not perfectly integrated, then the positive sensations are canceled. 

2nd taste - AWe wait for the temperature to rise a little and we reach 10 ° or maybe something more. The scent is strangely less intense, unlike what we have always learned with wines, namely that "the lower the temperature of the wine and the lower the perception of the aromas and vice versa" (see article “Serving temperature of wines”). In the mouth, on the other hand, it's completely different and actually gives the sensation of wine. Predominant exotic fruit scents, floral notes, a beautiful freshness and a fairly soft taste.
Sufficient. Comparable to a normal white wine, perhaps quite cheap.

3rd taste - The third time we try to pair it with croutons stuffed with a curry sauce, a pairing recommended by WeinWelt Vinothek. We are pleasantly surprised by how the two flavors are combined: pineapple and curry that chase each other, trying to prevail over each other. The result is very pleasant and the combination is certainly appropriate. 

4th taste - Wanting to try to improve the previous pairing, in which pineapple slightly prevailed over curry, we decided to try it with a spicy curry sauce. It is a success: the light sweetness of the wine blends perfectly with the delicate spiciness of the curry sauce, creating a marriage of exotic spices and flavors.
Perfect match.

Then we go on to taste the second, slightly sweeter wine, the Maui Splash. Sensations change considerably. It is certainly further from the concept of wine and closer to a fruit cocktail, ideally to drink with the heat, perhaps on the beach. He personally didn't convince us but the women appreciated him more than the previous wine

Final thoughts

Regardless of personal tastes, we can say that it is certainly worth at least for the experience. It's not every day you can try a wine made with the best pineapples in the world.

For Italian tastes, it is a product that can hardly take hold in our country, as it adapts little to the tastes and flavors of our cousine and to which we are accustomed. The main misunderstanding is to associate it with the word "wine" as something completely different is expected. 

After all it's a good drink, not to drink regularly but to combine with some special occasion, like a dinner with Indian food, where curry and chilli create the perfect union with this wine. They told us it was the ideal way to make sangria but we didn't have the chance to experiment. If you try it, write it in the comments.