The first journey of the HappyWiners starts from the Parma hills, precisely in Guardasone di Traversetolo, where Alex Cerioli, owner of the Società Agricola Oinoe, welcomes us.
Despite the name Oinoe references to the history of ancient Greece and to the city known for the production of wine, the company is very young and makes its debut in the Italian wine scene in 2013 when Mr. Cerioli, a farmer in the family business near Mantua, identifies in this area the ideal place to start his wine project, taking over the company from the previous owner.

It is a revolution immediately but with two very specific goals: elegance and respect for nature. 
The first one fully represents the owner's desire to emerge. The in-depth study of communication, marketing and packaging of Oinoe products is evident. The peculiarity of the bottles is immediately evident, made in an elegant satin black and individually wrapped. The choice to associate a number with each wine is well studied, to make it more easily identifiable, especially by foreigners. It is for this reason that white wines will have an even number, red wines an odd number. Below 10 we find still wines, above 10 sparkling wines.
The second goal was to produce wines as natural as possible. The company is not yet certified organic but is continuously engaged in minimizing the use of sulphites and other oenological products. From 2018, the exact quantity of sulphites contained at the time of bottling is indicated on the Oinoe labels, which is on average much lower than the limits set for organic wines. Another pride of the company is the temperature-controlled underground warehouse thanks to which the perfect condition of its wines is ensured up to the exit from the cellar..

The winemaking philosophy of the winery is well defined: to create simple products in line with the tradition of Parma wines, in which the aim is to preserve the aromas of the most cultivated grapes (Malvasia, Lambrusco Maestri). An important exception is the wines made with the Champagne method on which the owner firmly believes (Barbera, Pinot bianco, Chardonnay).

Oinoe also organizes many events to try to bring young people closer to the world of wine. On Thursday evenings aperitifs are organized, from the end of May until the beginning of September, with free admission and live music. On Wednesday evenings, every 2 weeks, on the terrace, pilates lessons are practiced, followed by a buffet with products of the area at zero distance.