In an oasis of tranquility not far from Parma, immersed in the green of the hills, is the modern winery of Monte delle Vigne, one of the largest wine producing realities of Emilia Romagna.

The company was founded in 1983 by Andrea Ferrari, who had the intuition to believe that in that territory the ideal conditions were found for the production of great still wines, long-lived and with an important structure.
This is how Nabucco was born in 1996, a great red wine aged in barriques for 12 months and for the same time in bottles, which immediately began to make the Monte delle Vigne brand known. Nabucco as Giuseppe Verdi's masterpiece, also from Parma. This is the first still wine made in the Parma area, until then it had only seen the production of sparkling wines that were served together with the Emilian cuisine rich in pork, salami and lard. In 1999 Callas debuts, a still vinified Malvasia, another company tribute to the undisputed city of opera.

In 2003 Paolo Pizzarotti joined the company as a majority shareholder, an entrepreneur from Parma, a leader in infrastructure, a great wine lover, who owns a splendid 100-hectare farm bordering the vineyards of Monte delle Vigne.
It is a period of investment and expansion. The owned hectares of vineyards increase considerably: today they are 60.

In 2006 the new winery signed by the architect Fiorenzo Valbonesi was inaugurated. It is an hypogeous cellar, that is "that develops underground". Perfectly integrated in the landscape, being literally "stuck" under the hill, it allows to have a constant temperature in the aging areas. It is a state-of-the-art facility, with a photovoltaic system, a solar thermal system, water waste reduction systems, designed to allow gravitational crushing. After the harvest, the grapes are brought to the terrace equipped with small holes through which the de-stemmed grapes jump eight meters and fall into the fermentation vats, naturally crushing using only the force of gravity.