Castagneto Carducci, a poetic place where the celebrated Giosuè Carducci lived, is today home to huge wineries such as Sassicaia and Ornellaia. In the midst of these famous realities there is a small winery that tries to emerge and a very ambitious young winemaker.

On the advice of @matteowine on Instagram we discovered the profile of the Azienda Agricola Imperiale and booked a tasting in the cellar for the following month. In the days before the visit, we got to know Matteo Frollani, owner of the company and very active on Instagram. We can consider it a "winemaker 2.0" because every day he tells all his followers about his working day and his activities in the vineyard, explaining to the enthusiasts who follow him the various processes and the reasons behind his choices. 

Growing up in the world of wine as the son of Enio Frollani, one of the first to believe in the potential of the Bolgheri territory and among the founding members of the Bolgheri DOC, Matteo decided in 2015 to recover the family vineyards, until then rented, and to found his own Azienda Agricola Imperiale.
Today the company has 6 hectares of vineyards and produces two labels, Imperfetto and Scapestrato, and other products such as oil, flour, pasta and honey. Curious is the choice of the name of the leading wine, Imperfetto, so called because in the beginning it had only cabernet sauvignon, a grape that lives between the contrast of its herbaceous vein and the power of the fruits, and everyone advised him to buy other grapes for "cut" a wine that otherwise would have been imperfect. Convinced of his ideas, Matteo Frollani decided to create his cabernet sauvignon in purity and to call it just that, Imperfetto, reinforcing the concept with a crooked label.

One of Imperiale's products of excellence is the "Bolgheri honey from the barriques". In 2015, a swarm of bees settled inside a barrique, so Matteo started to take care of it and take an interest in this world unknown to him, becoming more passionate every day. The honey, standing inside the oak soaked in the wine, absorbs all the smells and re-proposes the flavor giving life to a unique product of its kind.