The agricultural enterprise Giovanni Chiappini is situated in the heart of the DOC Bolgheri zone at the Via Bolgherese, the road where the most important wine estates of the Bolgheri region are located.

The story of this enterprise tells us about the consistently renewed family tradition of the head of the family, Giovanni Chiappini, son of farmers that had moved from the Marche to the Bolgheri region in the fifties.

This tradition was inherited by the two daughters Martina and Lisa who assist their father in the work on the estate.
The particular difference in the work and the growth of the Chiappini family is found in their special connection to the soil, interpreted as mother earth and cultivated in a symbiosis with the working power. An alliance at all times vital and never detrimental.

In the course of time the enterprise gained worldwide prominence and recognition, especially because of the positive ratings of the most important wine guides like the Wine Enthusiastwhere in 2013 the main wine of Chiappini – Guado de’ Gemoli 2009 – was set on the first place of the world ranking list with the maximum of 100/100.