Autumn has arrived and roast chestnut vendors are starting to appear in the squares of our cities. The first cold days begin, the first rainy days so why not invite some friends at home to eat some roasted chestnuts in combination with excellent wine?

Which wine pairs with chestnuts?

Chestnuts are part of foods called floury fruit due to the high amount of starch and leave a feeling of softness in the mouth. For this reason, the choice of wine will almost always be red wines which, unlike white wines, contain tannins that mitigate the succulent softness of chestnuts. They are also basically simple fruits with a delicate taste and the wine must also reflect these characteristics

For a perfect pair we will therefore choose a young and slightly tannic red wine, not of great structure. A delicate effervescence is also recommended, able to "clean the mouth" from the softness, even a little fat.

Lovers of sparkling wines can choose an excellent Lambrusco, aBonarda dell’Oltrepò Pavese or even a Barbera del Monferrato.

As for still wines, ValpolicellaLagrein from Alto Adige, Rosso dei Colli EuganeiLacrima di Morro d’Alba, will be fine, but many other wines with these characteristics can be well paired.

Which wine to pair with chestnut dishes?

Obviously the pairing depends very much on the preparation and cooking methods or if associated with other ingredients. When we talk about chestnuts, we always imagine eating them alone, roasted in the traditional pitted pan, baked or boiled.

If, on the other hand, the chestnuts are prepared for a first or second course, we must of course turn to wines that can reflect the balance of the dish. They can be used whole, in the form of puree or flour for the preparation of fresh pasta, stuffed with roasts, meat loaves etc. In these cases it is necessary to combine chestnuts with wines with a greater structure such as  Nebbiolo d’AlbaDolcetto di DoglianiAglianico del VultureTeroldego RotalianoFumin della Valle d’Aosta.

Finally, for chestnut-based desserts we will follow the fundamental rule "a sweet wine must be paired with sweets" so we will have to accompany them with wines of adequate structure and sugary quantity. Excellent pairings can be made with Passito di PantelleriaRecioto della ValpolicellaSagrantino di Montefalco PassitoAleatico dell’Elba.