Nowadays we are surrounded by websites, magazines, blogs related to the world of wine.
Lots of content, lots of information that often turn out to be too technical and mostly aimed at wine experts.

HappyWiners aims to tell people about wine.

We are serial tasters. We collect experiences and emotions.

Here we will talk about our tastings, our feelings and our opinions.
We love to travel and visit wineries, meet producers and learn about their stories. This is the part of the wine that we like to tell: a world of people, places, emotions, sensations ... because in the end, nobody cares about the "scent of undergrowth" or "Austrian oak".

If you have come this far it is probably because you are wine lovers and what matters most to you, after all, is drinking good wine.

Keep wine simple is our philosophy and, for this reason, we will talk about wine from four points of view:

  • - The opinion of the Sommelier
  • - The opinion of the Enthusiast
  • - The opinion of the Foreigner
  • - The opinion of the Inexperienced

Each of you can identify yourself, based on your experience, in one of our HappyWiners and follow his advice and opinions.

You can also express your opinion to help other wine lovers to choose the right bottle of wine or the right dish to match, because if you like to drink a good wine in good company, you are also HappyWiners!

The HappyWiners


The Sommelier

After so many years of drinking bad wines, an unexpected encounter with a glass of Amarone becomes love at first sight which has led him to become more and more passionate and get the diploma of Sommelier AIS.


The Enthusiast

Lover of good food and company, he discovered that wine can enhance flavors and pleasures. He is always looking for the best wine to pair with his favorite dishes.


The Foreigner

Born and grown in the country of Sakè, she would like to share with her countrymen the pleasure of savoring a good wine while enjoying the landscapes that Italy offers.


The Inexperienced

Active, lively, lover of fashion, he discovered that not only are shoes combined with bags but also a nice glass of wine with a good dish.